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1st and only aesthetic spa in Nevada to have votiva by inmode


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           6670 S. Tenaya Way

          Building 140 

            Las Vegas Nv 89113

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The Power of INMODE

Discover the pinnacle of aesthetic innovation at our InMode Aesthetic Spa, where cutting-edge, revolutionary technology meets the art of beauty. We take pride in offering our clients the ultimate experience with the industry's most advanced non-invasive procedures. Specializing in transformative face and body treatments, we master the art of skin tightening, tissue contraction, skin resurfacing, and precision contouring. Our InMode treatments set the gold standard in aesthetic medicine, backed by clinical evidence to minimize treatment and recovery time while delivering visibly authentic results


Embrace the essence of self-care in the precious moments of life. Elevate your well-being and indulge in the luxury you deserve. At Nv'd Body Spa, we are dedicated to nurturing your individual beauty and wellness aspirations. Our expert aestheticians are committed to providing you with top-tier services in skincare, body treatments, and personalized beauty enhancements. We're honored to accompany you on your transformative Aesthetic Journey, ensuring every experience with us enriches your radiance and confidence.

Thank You for entrusting your journey to us - Liz

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